lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

Happy New Year :D

Hi guys, I wish you a happy New Year!! It is a good time to let go the wrong moments and things. 
Hope you have a nice dinner with your families. 
Thanks for all the people who are following me and read my posts, frequently. 

Remember that all the objetives we achieve in our life is the product of our effort, dedication, responsability, patience, perseverance and love that we put everyday in our stuff. 

Hope all your wishes are fulfilled. This year are full of hapiness, achievements, health, goals and blessings.

Thanks for everything. :D

With love, Mariana :D  

miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

"Fashion Online Mexico" Project...

Hi girls and boys, Now I want to share with you a recent achievement. It was very very special for me. 
Dscuento Mexico aquí contact me to work with an interview for their blog. 
They asked bout me, my passions, my dreams, my perspective on fashion and design in Mexico and some styling tips.

Here is the link so you can read it and know more about me.

The interview is in spanish.

Thanks for read me!!

With love,

Mariana :D

Merry Christmas...

Hi guys, How are you? I really hope you have had a nice Christmas. What were your gifts?
Tell me about it.

Merry Christmas!!! :D 

With love, 

Mariana :D 

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

Dscuento México...

Hola chicas, ahora les quiero compartir esta pagina de internet que descubrí hace poco tiempo. Una empresa dedicada a proporcionar descuentos y cupones para hacer mas fácil la compra de artículos de todo tipo. Se las recomiendo ampliamente, ya que si no quieren hacer largas filas en las tiendas departamentales, esta empresa les puede ayudar a ahorrar tiempo y dinero.

No dejen de visitar su pagina, haciendo click aqui :)

Espero que les sirva de mucho y adquieran todo lo que desean haciendo solamente un click.

Bonito martes, 

Mariana :D 

lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

Street Style Winter 2012

I want to share with you some photos about the Winter street style 2012. All the trends in the street this season. 

With Love, 

Mariana :D 

Lady Like...

"New Look" Christian Dior, 1950

I still remember the unforgettable "New Look" created bye Christian Dior in the 1950s, proposed a silhouette acentuating the waist and shoulders of women and a skirt qith a feminine and classic fall.

This time, this classic and elegant silhouette returns.

With love,

Mariana :D

martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Marilyn and N°5 - Inside CHANEL


I found this beautiful video about Marilyn Monroe´s life. I confess I am really fan of Marilyn Monroe, a beauty and fashion icon of the middle XX century. 

I love her glam, personality, attitude and simply her life. 

Hope you like :D 

with love, 

Mariana :D 

H&M opening November 2012...

Yes guys, I know that you have already know about the opening of H&M store in Mexico City, plaza Sta. fe, but I want to share with all this video. 

You are maybe have anything relationed with fashion and news about new stores, so the aim is show you this. 

With love, 

Mariana :D 

Baroque style ...

Hi guys, as you already know. I like very much talk about trends of every season. This winter baroque style are giving reasons to be part of the time. 

Don´t be afraid about this clothes, there is a interesting rule for the fashion world. "Less is more"

Take the risk and use this trend. 

With Love, 

Mariana :D 

Kisses!! have a nice week!! :D

lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Hats, hats and more hats....

There are many kind of hats you may use this winter season. Equestrian type, beanie, everyhow about your likes. 

It´s a fashion trend for this december. 

Regards, hope you have a nice week.

with love, 

Mariana :D 

Fake fur...

Alberta Ferreti, look FW12 

It´s time to have a fake fur, let to achieve a glam, elegance, sofisticated and chic look this winter.
In my opinion, I definitely love this trend. 

You can never lose glamour.

Street style Milan

with love,

Mariana :D

Great inspiration... Steve Jobs.

Maybe it can be rare for you, anything relationed to fashion, style or makeup. But just a minutes ago, my boyfriend share with me a Steve Jobs´s video, where he is giving a speech in Stanford University. I would like tell you about it, but its better if you can see it and reflect about his life and opinions for us.

I loved it, he motivated me to continue persuing my dreams, aspirations and fight for my achievements. 

Hope you like it. 

I wanted to share with you about it, a nice teaching.

Remember, "Stay hungry, stay foolish" - Steve Jobs.

with love, 

Mariana :D 

There is the video link:

domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Unique sunglasses...

In Mexico city the weather is crazy literally, sometimes it´s very cold outside and then we are suffering with hot days. Always is necessary have a sunglasses for the day and protect our eyes.

This season it is the clue accesory to achieve a special look.

Don´t forget to note and take a chance.


with love, 

Mariana :D